2 oz. Gin
splash of Dry Vermouth

The martini has a certain cachet to it. James Bond drinks martinis. They are served in a unique and stylish glass. There is a whole mythology surrounding the perfect “dry” martini. Unfortunately, the martini is made with gin and vermouth, two of the most disgusting liquors ever to roam unchecked across the face of the earth.

To make a martini, pour those ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it several times (feel free to imitate Tom Cruise in Cocktail and flip it around your head, assuming nothing fragile is located nearby), then strain it into a martini glass. Add one olive. Drink. Shudder.

To make a martini “dry” simply reduce the amount of vermouth and increase the gin by the same amount. For “extra-dry,” just whisper the word “vermouth” as you pour out the gin. Winston Churchill used to make his martinis so dry, he would just pour the gin, glance at a bottle of vermouth on the other side of the room, shake and pour.

Vodka martinis are made with vodka instead of gin. This does not improve the drink because it still contains vermouth. James Bond drinks Stoli vodka martinis.

Some people claim that you should stir the gin and vermouth with ice instead of shaking it, because shaking it “bruises the gin.” These people are idiots.

In recent years, some martini bars finally realized that martinis taste absolutely vile, so they came up with many fanciful variations (usually involving fruity liqueurs and flavored vodkas) that bear almost no resemblance to the original drink. These days, anything shaken with ice and served in a cocktail glass gets called a martini. This guide lists two of the most popular variations: the Chocolate Martini and the Sour Apple Martini. Beyond that, you will have to do your own exploring.


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