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Field Trips for the Unemployed

In my group of friends, my role has always been Guy Who Knows What to Do. I frequently get phone calls asking "Bill, what are we doing tonight?" This is largely because I have a pathological aversion to being bored, so I continually search through magazines, newspapers, and web sites in search of Something To Do.

Now, at the peremptory request of a large number of the citizens of New York, I am sharing the many cheap and/or free activities that I have discovered. This is, of course, a list of items that I find interesting, so you may find it excessively artsy, gay, or geeky. If you're an artsy gay geek, however, it'll be perfect for you.

If you want to know what The Mighty Bill is up to on any given night, simply consult this list. If you would like to join me, or if you have suggestions for an upcoming activity, then e-mail me .

Also, I am compiling a list of every happy hour in the East Village (still in progress).

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You can also e-mail Bill.