Bar Happy Hours Special Beer on draft Pint of Brooklyn Notes:
East Village
St. Dymphnas
St. Marks Place, btw First and Ave A
4-7pm $3 pints Boddington, Strongbow Cider, Bass, Guinness, Stella, Kirin, Carlsberg, Red Label $5 (20 oz.) Named after the Irish patron saint of insanity. Full menu - mostly a restaurant
2nd and 2nd
4-10pm 2-for-1 everything No beer on tap Gay bar, plays movies on big screen and has go-go boys later. Call drinks only $1 more than well
41 First Ave (btw 2nd & 3rd)
4-7:30 $1 off everything 15 on tap; beers change regularly, always good stuff $5 Huge list of bourbons, whiskys, tequilas. Garden in back.
Karma First Ave, btw 3rd & 4th 3-8pm $3 beer, wine, well drinks Stella, NewCastle, Guinness, Paulner, Brooklyn $5 Smoking allowed! They also rent $10 flavored hookahs. Lounge in back.
Three of Cups
First & 5th
6-8pm upstairs
8-10 downstairs
$3 beer, wine, well drinks Hefeweizen, Pilsner Urquell, Anchor Steam, Brooklyn IPA, Boddington's, Guinness, Paulner $5 Upstairs is an Italian restaurant (happy hour at bar only) downstairs is a dark, loud rock 'n' roll lounge
Lilly Coogan
First & 6th
Sunday all day
$1 off PBR, Stella, Brooklyn, Sam Adman, Bud, Magner's Cider, Yuenling $5 Also has daily drink specials, video games
First Ave, btw 7th and 8th
4-7pm 2-for-1
Half-price appetizers
Guinness, Brooklyn Lager, Sierra Nevada, Bass, Hefeweizen, Stella, Strongbow Cider, Pilsner Urqell, Sam Adams, Bud Light, Old Speckled Hen $5 Also a restaurant, garden in back
First & 8th
5-9pm $3 domestic beer, $5 Cosmos & Martinis, $5 well drinks Stella, Guinness, Miller $6 (imports)
First & 8th
4-7pm $3 drafts, $4 wine, $5 cosmo & martini Sam Adams, Grolsch, Bass $5 Superswank martini bar, decorated like a bordello
Cheap Shots
First, btw 8th & 9th
4-8pm $2 domestic beer, $4 imports, well drinks Brooklyn Lager, Molson, Bud Light, Bud, Stella, Miller Lite, Yuengling, Guinness $5 Dive bar with $2 shots and $7 pitchers of Yuengling!
First Ave, btw 10th & 11th
5-7pm 2-for-1 beer, wine, sangria None on tap N/A tapas bar
Hop Devil
St. Marks Place, near Ave. A
4-7pm $3 selected drafts, $4 wine, $5 well 25 beers on tap, selection changes regularly $5.50 Great beer, also has daily drink and food specials
Nice Guy Eddies
Ave. A & 1st St.
5-8pm 2-for-1 all drinks Bass Bud, Buignnes, Same Adams, Yuengling, Harp, IPA, Stella $6 Sports bar and restaurant
The Library
Ave. A, btw 1st & 2nd St.
5-8pm 2-for-1 everything Bud, Kirin, Bareknuckle Stout, Newcastle, Hapr Yuengling, Hardcore Cider $5 Cool, dark bar. Lots of books on the walls, but it's too dark to read. Sometimes they show movies on a big screen in the back
J.P. Wade's
Ave A, btw 1st & 2nd
5-8pm $3 drafts, $2PBR, 2-for-1 well mixed drinks Guinness, McSorley's, Bass, Pilsner Urquell $5
Discovery Wines
Ave A, btw 1st & 2nd
It's a wine store, not a bar, but they have free tastings every day from 6-9pm
Ave A, btw 1st & 2nd
5-8pm 2-for-1 everything Bareknuckly, Bud, Hefeweizen, Newcastle, Boddington $5 Katie, the awsome bartender on Thursdays and Saturdays, makes a glorious mint julep ($9, but worth it). Bar also serves food, and has a bare-bones patio in back.
Ave A & 2nd St.
4-8pm 2-for-1 all drinks Brooklyn, Sierra Nevada, Stella, Hefeweizen, Bass, PBR $5 Simple bar, has nice big windows to people-watch, and an upstairs loung with couches. Lit by Christmas lights.
Two Boots
Ave. A, btw 2nd & 3rd
5-7pm $3 Brooklyn, $10 prix-fix meal, including pizza or pasta, soda, and salad Brooklyn Lager $5 Good pizza place. Restaurant, not a bar.
Route 85-A
Ave. A, btw 5th & 6th
2-for-1 beer and well drinks 5-9pm Yuengling, Brooklyn, Ithaca, Sam Adams, Guinness, Stella $5 Bar is literally underground - very dark, with cool red lights. Has artwork on the walls . "Best i-pod in the city."
Benny's Burritos
Ave. A & 6th St.
4-7pm and 10-11pm $3 well, $3 mararitas, $3 Dos Equis Dos Equis, Stella Mexican restarant. Happy hour only at the bar, not at the tables.
Ave. A & 6th St.
2-8pm M-F, 5-8pm Sat-Sun 2-for-1 beer, wine, well drinks Brooklyn Lager, Bass, Stella, Guinness, Sierra Nevada $5 Has a restaurant and bar. Bar is dark and cramped, restaurant is airy, and has awsome patio - heated in winter - and serves food 24 hours. Some tasty specialty drinks for post-happy hour.
Ave. A & 7th
'til 8pm $3 beer, well drinks Pilsner Urquell, Bass, Sierra Nevada, Stella, Yuengling, Boddington, Guinness, Hefeweissen $5 Long bar, seperate seating area.
Ave. A & 7th
1-7pm 2-for-1 beer, wine, well drinks Brooklyn Lager, Stella, Newcastle $5 Mostly a restaurant, open 24/7. Big, open windows.
Avenue A
Ave. A, btw 6th & 7th
5-8pm and 11:30-2am 2-for-1 beer, hot sake, well drinks (coming soon) Japanese restaurant & gallery with small bar in front
Yuca Bar
Ave. A & 7th
1-8pm $3 draft beer, $5 mojitos, caprinhinas, margaritas, sangria Dos Equis, Brooklyn Lager, Stella $5.50 Latin restaurant, serves tapas, has a sidewalk patio
5-9pm 2-for-1 domestic beer, well drinks Bottles only Kitschy restaurant that serves Polish & Ukrainian food
Ave. A, btw 8th & 9th
4-10pm $2 PBR Yuengling, Miller Lite, Foster's, New Amsterdam, Bud, Warsteiner Horrible dive bar. You might get one 2-for-1 on beer, if the bartender likes you.
Doc Holliday's
Ave. A & 9th
5-8 2-for-1 on everything Guinness, Sam Adams, Heineken, Busch, $6 (Sam) Yeeee-ha! $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon is clearly the drink of choice here.
Ave. A, btw 10th & 11th
7-9pm 2-for-1 beer, wine, well Stella, Red Hook ESB, Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Boddington, Bass, Orginal Sin Cider $6 (Bass) Swank gay bar, lounge in back w/ small stage.
Ave. A, btw 10th & 11th
'til 8pm 2-for-1 beer, wine, well Brooklyn Lager, Pilsner Urqell, Bass, stella, Yuengling, Red Hook ESB, Guiness $5 Loud rock 'n' roll bar, booths to sit in
Ave. A, btw 10th & 11th
5-8pm $3 draft and well Anchor Steam, Bass, Brooklyn Lager, Boddington, Guinness, Hoegaarden, Newcastle, Yuengling, Stella, Pils-Radeberger $5 Also has daily drink specials. Cool wrap-around bar and seating area
Ave A & 12th
4-9pm $3 draft & well Brooklyn, Molson, Original Sin cider, Bass, Stella, Harpoon IPA, Hefeweissen, Grolsch, Guinness $5 Tiny, has couches, a pool table, DJs, and heavily tatooed clientele
Korova Milk Bar
Ave. A, btw 12th & 13th
7-10pm, Sun-Thurs $3 select drafts, $4 well Bass, Guinness, Brooklyn Lager, Yuengling, Honey Brown, Hoegaarden, Bud Light, Stella $6 Clockwork Orange-theme decor, has fantastic alcoholic milkshakes, plays weird movies
Blue & Gold
7th St., btw First and Second
4pm-1am $5 cheap beer + shot (from list) Magic hat, Stella, Blue & Gold Lager, Sierra Nevada $3.50 Cheap, cheap drinks at this dive bar. Lots of college students. Has pool table, chess sets.
Big Bar
7th St., btw First and Second
5-9pm $4 draft, well, and margaritas Brooklyn Pilsner $5 tiny, elegant space.
Forbidden City
Ave. A, btw 13th & 14th
6-10pm everyday $3 bottles, $4 drafts, $5 specialty cocktails Kirin, Guinness, Magic Hat #9 $6 Dark Japanese restaurant/bar.
Nowhere Bar
14th St., btw First & Second
5-9pm 2-for-1 well & domestic draft Stella, Hoegaarden, Sam Adams, Bud, Bud Light, Bass, Guinness, Newcastle $5 Gay bar, rarely crowded, great jukebox
The Bourgeois Pig
7th st., btw First & A
3-7pm $3 beer, $4 sangria, $5 appetizers bottles only Tiny, red-lit coffee bar with overstuffed chairs. But how can you resist that name?
WCOU Radio
First Ave @ 7th St.
5-8pm $3 "just about everything" Bass, Guinness, Brooklyn Pilsner $5 Just a basic room with lots of tiles. No name outside - it's on the corner
Botanica Bar
Houston, btw Mulberry & Mott
and 2am-4am
$3 well drinks
$3-$3.50 pints
Yuengling, Brooklyn Lager, Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Boddington, Stella, Orginal Sin cider $4.50 Cool underground space. Check out the lounge in the back
Tom & Jerry's
aka 288
Elizabeth St. & Houston
noon-7pm $1 off Yuengling, Brooklyn Lager, Stella, Sierra Nevada, Widmer, Bass, Guinness $5 One big room, old guy crowd
394 Bowery, just above Houston
5-8pm 2-for-1 draft beer Guinness, Smithwick's Irish Ale, Magner's Cider, Fuller's London Pride, Brooklyn Lager, Heineken, Carlsberg, Pilsner Urqell, Harp, Bareknuckly Irish Stout, Stella, Boddington's, McSorley's, Yuengling, Hefeweizen, Sam Adam's $6 Irish pub - kitchen open until midnight. Soccer on bigscreen TV.
West Village
Art Bar 4-7pm 2-for-1 drafts, wine, well Stella, Bass, Hefeweizen, Michelob $5 Also serves food, lounge hidden in back, but has table service (no happy hour) after 6pm
Palais Royale
5-9 2-for-1 Brooklyn, Yuengling, Bud $4 Forget the beer - this place has 42 kinds of bourbon - average price $8. Nice bartender named Josh.
N. 6th St. in Williamsburg
5-8pm various $3 drink specials Spaten Lager, Magic Hat #9, Newcastle, Strongbow Cider, Hoegaarden, Stella, Hefe-Weizen, Boddington, Guinness, McSorley's, Yuengling $5 (20 oz., all brands) Plenty of space, with lots of dark wood. Pool table. McSorley's and Yuengling are $3 all the time.
Reade & Church
4-8pm M-F 2-for-1 beer, wine, well drinks No beer on tap superswank coffeeshop with a bar, table service. Colorful modern furniture
Hell's Kitchen
Bar Nine
9th Ave, btw 53rd & 54th
3-8pm $3 Bud & Heinken, $4 Bareknuckle, $6 Cosmos Bud, Heineken, Bareknuckly Irish Stout $5 Check out the nooks in the back
Times Square
Paramount Bar
235 W. 46th (btw B'way & 8th Ave.
6-8pm 2-for-1 Sidecars & strawberry caprihinas (warning! $14 each) None N/A Only if you're on an expense accoutn. Nice view of tourists out the window, though.