What's new?

Bill's Web site will be continually under construction, so check here for the latest changes to the site. We hope to update once a week, but considering how lazy Bill is, you can judge for yourself how likely that is to happen.

The journal comic updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, unless otherwise noted. FlameOut! updates every Friday.

Updated the links.

Added pages 1,2, and 4 of the December 20, 1998 newsletter.
If you have a copy of page 3, please e-mail me.

Added an online store!

Added some new links.

Added an index for the journal comics, so you can find your favorites without paging through them all.
Added scandalous photos from my First Annual 29th Birthday Party. I haven't decided yet if this page will be a permanent addition.
Added the disclaimer re: FlameOut! and the comics, above.

Added a link to my friend Stacey's web site, centered the first image, and added more navigation bars.

Fixed a whole ton of broken internal links. Apparently, my new host cares whether things are capitalized or not.
Added "Links" page.

Added counter to front page.

Moved to www.billroundy.com! Groovy!

Brand new front page - doesn't it look nifty?
Added new navigation bars on major pages.
Added Comics page.
Reorganized this page so the most recent additions appear at the top.

Updated Flame Out! Have decided not to bother mentioning every time it updates, since I seem to be on a regular schedule now.

Updated Flame Out! for a few extra days.

Added my new weekly guide to fun and excitement in NYC: Flame Out! Get it? It's like Time Out, but from Flaming Faerie Press? See? Aah, my humor is wasted on you philistines.

The latest issue of the newsletter is out!
Added the full text of the July 14, 2002 issue.
Added the first page of the Dec. 31, 2002 issue to taunt people into become full members of the fan club.
More changes coming soon! Probably.

Clearly, I am very lazy.
Added the "Semi-Bi-Annual" newsletter from December 31, 1999.
Fixed the link in the 10/12 addition.

Added "What's new?" page (this one!).
Added "Bill's Biannual Newsletter" from July 15 2000.
Fixed several blatant lies about the December 31, 2000 newsletter.

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