I New York

Just a bunch of things I like:

Last call for alcohol = 4 a.m.
Time Out New York - the world's most useful magazine, with a comprehensive list of everything happening in the city over the next week.
sparkly sidewalks

not owning a car
- they all open in New York, sometimes weeks before the rest of the country. Take that, you country bumpkins! And last week got to see The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari presented with a soundtrack by Radiohead. 
subway musicians
ethnic neighborhoods

The Empire State Building - Did you know it changes colors? Nifty!
Watching TV - it's a totally different experience, because now I actually know all those neighborhoods they talk about on Law & Order. And whenever the Daily Show ventures outside, I can say "Ooh-ooh, I know that corner! I've eaten at Senor Swanky's!"
The Brooklyn Brewery
Washington Square Park
Ice cream floats made with beer
shows aren't always good, but at least they're interesting. Highlights have included Sweet Ugly and Cannibal: the Musical.

Chapter Two: The Quest for Housing

The difficulty of finding housing in New York is legendary, and deservedly so. My plan for discovering a place to live consisted of asking every single person I met whether they knew of anyone moving soon or with extra space for rent. And every Tuesday night I grabbed a  fresh copy of the Village Voice and made phone calls for about two hours. About five of these calls would get through, and I would spend the next couple days checking out apartments throughout New York.
This could actually be a lot fun. I got to see a ton of different living spaces, from illegal lofts carved out of giant warehouses in Brooklyn to gorgeous 40th floor apartments on the Upper East Side to tiny little ratholes in Harlem. However, it also meant dealing with some horrible assholes, dashed expectations, and sleeping on my generous cousin's floor for a month and a half.
Fortunately, with assistance of the Gay Roommate Information Network, I have acquired a space to live: I currently reside in a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights, which I share with Dominique and a cat named Cujo.
It's very strange -- I live in a mall. For two blocks in every direction, there are only chain stores and fast-food restaurants. The apartment is directly above a nail salon and a deli. The third floor is my roommate's multi-media business, and we occupy the entire the fourth floor. There is also a fire escape which leads to our porch -- i.e. the roof of the buidling next door. This is an exceedingly convenient location; Brooklyn Heights is as close as you can get to Manhattan without actually being on the island. And I'm within four blocks of the A, C, F, 2, 3, 4,5, N, and R subway lines, so no part of the city is safe.

An observation:
Times Square is not actually a square.

Bill Recommends: Memento. The most fucked-up movie I've seen in recent memory -- even worse than Being John Malkovich. Don't see it alone, because after the film you'll need to argue with someone about what the hell just happened.


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