Scene at Night
          - for Anna


a girl wakes gasping
for breath in a brown
night, hands clutched in platinum hair,
sheets stretch whitely around her, moonlit
icefields, a plumage rumpled
stained once, a boy twice
removed but returning, dreams betray restraint.
The touch tone
pads on the phone glow
green, reassuring,
the house breathes,
she is still in the night
is not over, there are hours to go
until dawn, she pulls her knees and dolls
close and rips mind
tatters loose, the loops broken, pouring to a place,
she chases them, seeking
an answer.


In Seattle, city of dykes, boys
be-ringed in nose and lobes, a fairy-
land, Space Needle, music and rain,
warm weather at Christmas.

Richmond, drug-plagued and dirty,
drunken cross-dressers and boys on balconies,
rising from alcoholic stupor and long
daze, responding to the phone with hello?

Blacksburg or JMU, small towns, industried
with cows or chickens, dorm rooms,
daiquiris and beer, sleeping bags
on the floor and roommate gone
for an hour, no regrets.

Sterling, the still-point,
things are the same here still, a safest
spot, protected from too harsh life, friends hide
their affection beneath sarcastic jibes,
in-jokes layered upon irrelevance, stating the obvious
(it's not really that bad, but run).


This is
the way the world
vibrantly animal heart lungs heaving, it is
MOVE eternally a story epic sitcom and life
disparate elements lost in the pathways,
plotlines too tangled too many to keep
track       *(Cliff's Notes available after death)
You are main character bit part backgound comic
foil, reflections of One reflecting
in yourself and in others parts of you.
Sit and wonder at the dark, see it is
so real, complex any less wouldn't be

a gasp
of jyful breath that gleams
a flicker-flash illumines the past, makes
it relevant, leading to now. The stage floor
wil support you (or not)
Even intermission is not boring - you
can always buy cake (the world is performance, and the run
 will be longer than Cats)
the play continues, cast growing
do not shrink the depths,
connect again,
too many threads not to
find one, to call; know
that we are here while you sit
in the richly  detailed  dark.