Flaming Faerie Press

Welcome to the only publishing company devoted entirely to Bill Roundy. We also serve as the propoganda wing of his mighty empire.

While our most famous production is no doubt Bill's Biannual Newsletter, we are also dedicated to handsome but unbelievably cheap-ass editions of Bill's work in fiction, poetry, drama, essays, non-fiction, art, comic books, and anything else the little scamp wants to produce.

Below, you may peruse a sampling of our products.

Bill's Bartending Guide
The long-fabled bartending guide has finally reached completion. Unlike all other, crappy bartending guides, this book contains only fifty drinks, all of which taste good and are easy to make.
Read this excerpt, in which I discuss
the vile and disgusting martini.

Bill and the Secret of the Subways
As a challenge to his creativity, Bill attempted to write and draw a 24-page comic book in 24 hours. He wound up writing 19 pages in 25 and a half hours. Check out his noble failure

A Page of Cups
Bill's 1996 collection of bitter love poetry.
Read an excerpt:

A Valentine's Haiku

Blackbird Pie

Just Before Falling Asleep

Scene at Night

Tiger Food
Our first production, this 1994 children's classic was written and childishly illustrated by Bill Roundy himself. You can read the complete text

Note: all the above items are for sale.

another curiosity...

Bill Roundy Trading cards!
Collect Bill and all his friends! Use beer, coffee, cigarettes, angst, and nice mana to destroy your enemies! Fun for the whole family, assuming every member of the family is over 18, drinks heavily, and worships Bill as a God.
Check 'em out!

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